Restaurante Zarabanda is situated in the heart of Seville near Plaza de la Gavidia (about a 3 minute walk from Plaza del Duque) and has been a local favorite for over 30 years.

In the kitchen, our Chef Juan Carlos and team, elaborate dishes of local traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. Each dish is made from scratch, meaning nothing is reheated or precooked.  Zarabanda’s is mostly known for being gluten-free and lactose free.  Aside from taking allergies and intolerances very seriously, the menu is ever changing due to its seasonal only and locally farmed approach. 

As with everything in life, things change.  A new turn in direction of the restaurant has allowed for it to maintain the balance between traditional cuisine and new trends, however, fleeing from minimalist dishes.

Let’s not forget about the wine. Zarabanda is the place to discover some of the best wines Spain has to offer except for the most common “over the counter” wines, Ribera del Duero and Rioja.  The team behind Zarabanda’s visit vineyards and wine makers on a monthly basis to find their next best wine. Whether by the glass or by the bottle, Zarabanda promises to have the perfect wine to accompany your dish. 

Once you are sitting in Mediterranean-inspired space, you won’t want to leave!  Zarabanda offers a intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner after a long day of sightseeing. Our space is also ideal for private events such as business lunches or dinners, and special celebrations such as retirements, birthdays, or wedding events. We also have a dinner pairing experience once a month from the best vineyards in the country and special gluten-free dinners.

Everyone behind Zarabanda’s want to offer you what we know best and provide you with a unique moment in a space where we have taken care of every detail with the simple task of delighting the most demanding palate.


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